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A Japanese dish of noodles in broth, often garnished with small pieces of meat and vegetables.


Tan Tan


A local favourite and a top seller! Flavoured with a homemade peanut and spicy sesame, this ramen is served with spicy ground pork, peanuts, green onions, and nori.

Spicy Garlic Miso


The mixture of different spices adds a savoury kick to a traditional flavour.

Black Garlic


Tonkotsu flavoured ramen with chasu, marinated bamboo, sweet corn, garlic chips, red benishoga ginger, shredded green onions, and drizzled with black garlic oil.



A perfect mixture of tonkotsu soup base and special homemade miso paste which will satisfy the deepest hunger



A creamy blend of spicy Japanese curry mixed with tonkotsu soup.




A soya flavoured ramen, this is one of our lightest soups. Complete with a marinated egg, this ramen is tangy, salty, and savoury.



A favourite among many Japanese locals! The tonkotsu based soup is seasoned with homemade Shio (sea salt) flavour --- giving this ramen a well-balanced flavour of pork and a light creamy broth. Topped with ½ ramen egg.



The vegetable-based broth is served with a generous portion of corn, bamboo, kikurage fungus, and other seasonal veggies.



The heart of all our ramen! The many hours of simmering makes this ramen hearty and milky smooth.

Marinated Egg $2.00
Kimchi $4.00
Spicy Soup $1.25
Noodle $2.00
Bamboo Shoots $1.25
Garlic $1.25
Chashu $4.00
Tan Tan Meat $3.50
Naruto $1.25
Onions $1.25
Wood Ear Funfus $1.25
Corn $1.25
Nori (seaweed) $1.25
Butter $1.00 
Rice $2.00
Chicken $4.00
Beef $4.00

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